Ep. 65: A NFTP Finale

August 16, 2017

Hell Ricky, this is it. Your Turnstile Tyrants turned on the mic's for one last time. We called some friends to reminisce, took our sweet sweet time to enjoy this moment, sang a couple songs on air (oh yes we did) and walked through some of our favorite moments on the show. It was bittersweet, reflective, jubilant, absurd, and hilarious; we wouldn't want to end the show on any other note.

Finally, we need to thank each and every one of our listeners. You kept us going when we were down and we worked long hours to bring you as good of a show as we could. This show is as much yours as it is ours and we hope you'll treasure it forever. We love y'all. 



Ep. 64: MTAin’t Sh*t

July 20, 2017

Ay! Look over here! It's episode 64 of Not Fit To Print with your boys the Turnstile Tyrants. We stumbled through a subway tunnel to give y'all some thoughts on the following:

-Disney found some brown people to cast in Aladin! What took them so long?

-Governor Cuomo can catch these hands for what he's done to our subway system.

-Jean Banda phones in with takes on pop culture's current state.

Ball out. 


Ep. 63: Alas, Healthcare! We Knew It, America.

June 28, 2017

The day after Christian christened his new apartment your boys sat down to cut to the bone. Episode 63 pulls no punches, and we hit the following:

- Summer is back in New York, but at what cost?

- Mayweather vs. McGregor: a fight nobody deserves to win. 

- The republicans' healthcare bill gets sliced, diced, and revealed to be bonkers. 

Everyone get a check up after your listen to this episode. 


Ep. 62: Fleur-De-Lis Tramp Stamp

June 7, 2017

Your boys just felt like popping back in to say whaddup. It's episode 62 of Not Fit To Print and the Turnstile Tyrants are fired up. We go to town on the following:


-Bieber, learn the words to your song.

-Television vs. reality and our lack of mediums to escape to.

-In standing up to terror and hatred, what are you willing to sacrifice?


Unlike your absent father, we will be back. 


Ep. 61: Your Boys are Back

May 3, 2017

After 6 months away the your Turnstile Tyrants are back in earnest. We survey the status of the resistance, the mood in New York, and our own methods for coping under this administration. Later we have NFTP veteran Kyle Keller on to talk about the French election and the majesty of the Fast and the Furious franchise. It's Episode 61: Your Boys Are Back. 


Ep. 60: November 9th

November 16, 2016

Your boys were reeling from the election and needed to take a second to talk to each other and our listeners about the whole damned mess. No guests, no editing, no filters: here's what we are feeling and thinking about what happened last week. It's Episode 60: November 9th.




Ep. 59: November 8th

November 2, 2016

Your boys are here (and one of them may be draped in kente cloth). While it's good to be back in time for election day, the Turnstile Tyrants, along with an esteemed panel of guests, have some things to say on the following:

-How did America whittle itself down to these two presidential candidates?
-What are 'make or break' issues for our generation of voters?
-Who wins, who dies, who tells our story?

Imminent anxiety and disbelief aside, all we aim to do is make sense of these confounding times. Let's do the damn thing.

Ep. 58: Fear

September 28, 2016

Episode 58 of Not Fit To Print introduces the devil we all know: fear. Be it motivational or utterly paralyzing, fear is an integral part of our lives. Join the Turnstile Tyrants, and the people of New York, in opening up and talking about it.

Big shoutout to Grace Brown for sponsoring this episode!.



Ep. 57: Proud To Be An American?

September 14, 2016

At what seems like one of the most patriotic times of the year, Episode 57 explores what it means to be an american. Your fearless hosts consider the stars and bars and bring you the following:

-We searched high and low for some honest reflections on patriotism, and we came away with a few brave answers.

-What does it mean to us to be American? What are our ideals, drives, and passions?

-Finally, through all the less savory moments, are we proud to be Americans?

Please stand, place your hand over your heart and enjoy this episode. Or sit down if you wish. 

Ep. 56: Inwood

August 31, 2016

Episode 56 marks the beginning of Not Fit To Print's New York neighborhood series. Every so often, the Turnstile Tyrants will pay their respects to iconic and/or under appreciated parts of the greatest city in the world. First stop: Inwood, Manhattan. Your boys croon to Romeo Santos on the following:

-How we came to love the neighborhood and feel like it's one of NY's last frontiers.

-Christian hits the streets of Inwood and gives us the voice of its people. (24:30)

Lots of heart in this one. Enjoy.

Ep. 55: The Importance of Being Millennial

August 17, 2016

Forging further ahead with our new season, we explore one of our culture's favorite punching bags: Millennials. 

In our search we bring you the following:

- Strong opinions from Millennials and non-Millennials alike. 
- Contemporary research shedding light on how Millennials think, work, dream, and fear.
- Our own thoughts on whether Millennials are progressing or just depressing.

Old or young, hater or lover: give it a listen.

Shout out to Kyle Keller for being this episode's sponsor. 

Ep. 54: The Chaos of Love & Dating in NY

August 3, 2016
We're back. We're better. We're doing the damn thing. This episode is all about the chaos of dating and falling in love in the fine city of New York. You'll be tuning into the following:
-Thoughts and stories from random New Yorkers.
-Christian's speed dating tryst. 
-How the hell do we all proceed?
Ignore the snap, crackle, and pop of some of the audio. Hopefully our hearts show through it. See y'all soon.

Ep. 53 Hamilton’s Hippity Hoppity.

March 23, 2016

Your boys are back to finish out the season with Ep. 53: Hamilton's
Hippity Hoppity. We spit to the following:

- Are modern men more prone to tears and is that a good thing?
- Can Hamilton escape the irony created by its success: can the common man see the show?
- We talk about the future of NFTP, our upcoming hiatus, and our planned changes to the show. 

We'll be back, we'll be better, and we're just getting started.

Ep. 52: Fear and Humbling

March 16, 2016

The rejuvenated Turnstile Tyrants are back with Ep. 52: Fear and Humbling. We get into the following:

- The NYPD makes a small change and Christian flexes his courtroom chops.

After OK Cupid's research, we break down the highs and lows of finding love online

- Our lives are far from stable, so we talk about it. Where are our careers, hopes, dreams, and selves almost 2 years post college? Where the hell are we going?

- A quick call to NFTP OG Jean Banda to cheer us up with stories of Bonnaroo valor, courage, and tacos.

Changes are coming friends.


Ep. 51: Turning Pigeons Into Planes. Ft. Special Guest: Adrienne Black

March 2, 2016

The no longer lonely Turnstile Tyrants are back with Ep. 51:Turning Pigeons Into Planes. Ft. Special Guest: Adrienne Black. We dig through the following:

- Oral sex may cause throat cancer but do we bow out of going down?

- With Black History Month in the rear-view, how did we celebrate or remember and where are race relations now?

- Special Guest Adrienne Black on what it takes to be a music journalist, the thrill of discovery, llama farms, and the curation of content.

People like us, they really like us.