Ep. 50: Dr. Love Flips the Scripts

February 24, 2016

Hootie Hoo! The persistent Turnstile Tyrants get to Ep.50: Dr. Love Flips the Scripts. We prescribe the following:

- Malpractice or nah? An 18 year old "Doctor" walks out of the clinic and into our hearts.

- What does Kesha's legal battle with Sony tell us about our culture?

- As more and more idols fall, we try and reconcile their failures with our fandom and what it means to separate art from the artist.

Thank you to all our Day 1's. 


Ep. 49: Bernie, Say it Ain’t Bro

February 10, 2016

Your celebratory Turnstile Tyrants pop champagne to Ep. 49: Bernie, Say It Ain't Bro. We sip along to the following:

 - How would we crash our own funerals?

- The Bernie Bros complicate and aggravate the democratic nomination.

- We hand out our Turnstile Tyrants Top Ten Tips for a Baller Valentine's Day.

 It was also Ryan's birthday and we celebrated as such.

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Ep. 48: A Tweet Too Far

February 3, 2016

Your Turnstile Tyrants bring out the introspection with Ep. 48: A Tweet Too Far. We wrestle with the following:

-From meme to reality: would we stay in the Netflix and Chill Air BnB?
-Kanye ignites a twitter storm and Amber Rose throws a shame grenade.
-Inspired by Jennifer Teege, the Nigerian-German woman who discovered her grandfather was a Nazi, we confront self image in the face of loathsome family history. 
Oh, we'll tell you how we feel.

Ep. 47: More Mackle, More Problems

January 27, 2016

Your thawed Turnstile Tyrants are here with Episode 47: More Mackle, More Problems. We dig ourselves out with the following:

-Why D batteries won't save you in a blizzard. 
-Stephen Hawking pulls the global fire alarm.
-Is Macklemore's White Privilege II self serving, reflective, or just unlistenable. 
Please, quit popping the tags. 

Ep. 46: Oscar Was A Rolling Stone

January 20, 2016

Ain't never leaving. Here for you once again, it's your boys, the Turnstile Tyrants. With Episode 46, we give acceptance speeches on the following:

-What would winning the Powerball have driven you to do?
-Thanks to Sean Penn's renowned sleuthing ability, El Chapo is finally (for the third time) behind bars.
-Brown vs. The Academy.

Come yell yikes with us.

Ep. 45: The Oregon Fail

January 13, 2016

The newly resolute Turnstile Tyrants kick off 2016 with Episode 45: The Oregon Fail. We crack our knuckles on the following. 

-The new frontier in men's contraception has us cringing.
-Will we look into "White People Meet" or is Tinder racist enough?
-What does the standoff in Oregon say about privilege, power, restraint and conservative asshattery. 
It's like 2015 NFTP but with 30% more salt. 

Ep. 44: Textual Feeling

December 16, 2015

Your festive Turnstile Tyrants are back for the last time in 2015. It's Episode 44: Textual Feeling. We close out the year with the following:

- Can Saint West live up to his lofty name?
- What do your texting habits say about your personality?
- With holiday memories on our mind, we call Dr. Banda and Alyssa Reimer for some cheer and we give our end of year wishlists to the masses. 
Enjoy the myrrh.

Ep. 43: Congratulations, You Coldplayed Yourself.

December 8, 2015

LAWD it's Episode 43 of Not Fit To Print and we're still still here for it. Your loyal Turnstile Tyrants embrace all facets of the following:

-Take a beat, what is binge watching doing to your brain?
-Coldplay will attempt to pump us up for the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl.
-In lieu of these domestic abuse scandals, as men, where do we find ourselves on this? How much longer can we keep assuring each other that these cases are isolated incidents? What is a male feminist really? How do men go about acknowledging their societal privilege?

Here we be. Come through.


Ep. 42: The Value of Pie

November 25, 2015

The Turnstile Tyrants slide safe into Thanksgiving with Ep. 42: The Value of Pie. We price check the following:

- Are Patti LaBelle's pies good investments or just damned tasty?
- The dusty monks at Oxford embrace the emoji, somehow seem more dusty. 
- The Syrian refugee crisis: is America's "golden door" a sham?
Eat too much, love your family and listen.  

Ep. 41: Time To Hug A Friend

November 18, 2015

In the wake of the worst week ever, the ever earnest Turnstile Tyrants
are here to cheer you up with Ep 41: Time To Hug A Friend. We riff on the following:

- Why "The Bedford Stop" is so detestable and relatable.
- Shia Labeouf binge watches himself.
- In scary times, hug a friend: we tell stories about each other,
friendship and why we do the show.

We'll always be here for y'all.

Ep. 40: Serena’s Not Slipping

November 11, 2015

Your favorite buffoons are back with Ep. 40: Serena's Not Slipping. We chase down the following:

- Serena Williams puts an S on her chest.
- Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" in hindsight
- Our second installment of Hip Hop Jeopardy yields stunning results. 
 We would never choose the dirty over y'all. 

Ep. 39: Dads in Group Texts - A National Concern

November 4, 2015

The Turnstile Tyrants are back together and recklessly slinging out Ep. 39: Dads in Group Texts - A National Concern. We dust off the mics with the following:

-Can you really find love in a comment section?
-What NOT to send in a family group text.
-Why Spring Valley High and Ben Fields are not outliers.
The band is back together: raise the curtains and hit the snare.

Ep. 38: Rowling Says J.K. Ft. Special Guest: Grace Spelman

October 28, 2015

For the second time in a row we have a guest host. This week Grace Spelman sits in with Christian to go to town on the following:

-Are Drake's dance moves memes or eyesores?
-The Harry Potter play that few will see and everyone will spoil.
-Male entitlement and the problem of harassment: DUDES, stop being terrible.
Pop in Hocus Pocus and grab some chunky monkey, Halloween's going up. 

Ep. 37: Y’all Read Playboy Articles? Ft. Special Guest: Darby Davis

October 21, 2015

Episode 37 folks. Back at it again with a twist. Another GREAT guest host in Mr. Darby Davis. Christian & Darby go to the barbershop on the following:

-TI, the felon, shares his thoughts on who should run the country.
-Put the flag at half mast, Playboy shall be nude no more.
-Darby throws a knowledge dart at us with the inspiration behind the play 'Force Continuum', the state of the US, and where we're headed.
Come kick it for a minute.

Ep. 36: Martian Sweater Weather

October 7, 2015

Inwood: we have a problem, it's Episode 36: Martian Sweater Weather. We do the math on the following:

-Are Martian water parks out of the question?
-Peeple: like Yelp for grudges. 
-Our take on the gun violence broken record.
Christian is almost 24 but still has the body of a 23 year old.